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Events, How and Where

Your wedding ... in the city ... near the lake ... in the country ... at the seaside
... on the hills
... And anywhere else you want ...
for you many charming locations
suitable for every need,
and you will certainly find yours ...

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Your dream is to get married in a princely castle
or do you prefer the most minimalist choices?
Love the bucolic and country-chic wedding
or are you fond for the wedding
in a modern and functional five-star hotel?
Do you appreciate the art nouveau villas or want a beach party?
The vintage is your thing or you are more projected into the future?

We will show you in any case
how turning dreams into reality
is much easier than you can think.
You will discover day after day that having us next to you
is an important added value,
allowing you to fulfill your dreams and your desires
saving time and money,
away from disappointments and unexpected, with the guarantee of the best result.

We will help you to realize any your personal project,
in accordance or beyond any traditional rule or trend,
to make you really the protagonists of your wedding party.

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Antonella Rossetti
Wedding & Event Planner Star Sign:
Capricorn/ Aquarius rising
Color: Blue in all its forms
Music: One thousand days of you and me (C. Baglioni)
Film: The Age of Innocence (M. Scorsese)
Motto: Those like me give dreams ...
Follow your right to dream

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